14,000 Broilers Farm with Ground Feeding System

2023-07-25 12:03:53

This is a 14,000 birds broiler chicken farm located in Tajikistan, which uses the broiler ground feeding system.

Customer’s Farm Information:

– Farm Location: Tajikistan
– Chicken House Size: 56 meters by 26 meters
– Equipment Used: Deep litter system, including automatic drinking line system and automatic feeding line system
– Chicken Farm Scale: 14,000 chickens

broiler ground feeding systemHow we service the customer:

Upon initial contact with the customer, he expressed his strong desire to maximize chicken production on their farm.
In order to provide him with the best possible solution, we thoroughly inquired about the details of their chicken house size. After careful evaluation, we presented the customer with two options: broiler cage system and ground feeding system. After thorough consideration, the customer chose the ground feeding system. Consequently, we devised a comprehensive plan for our client, outlined as follows:

1. Recommended Solution: Broiler Ground Feeding System(Deep Litter System)
Considering the customer’s requirements and available resources, we proposed the installation of a ground feeding system. This system would ensure efficient utilization of the chicken house size, while incorporating automatic drinking lines and feeding lines for enhanced convenience and productivity.

2. Plan Details:
To implement the broiler raising equipment, we provided the customer with a detailed plan encompassing the following aspects:
– Design: Since the width of the customer’s chicken house is 25m, 8 feeding lines and 9 water lines are recommended for the customer.
– Installation: Our experienced technicians efficiently installed the equipment and ensured its proper functioning.
– Training: We provided comprehensive guidance and training to the customer on utilizing the flat raising system effectively.
– Continuous Support: We assured the customer of our ongoing assistance and support whenever required.

3. Customer Satisfaction:
Our proposed plan and the high-quality products we offered left the customer highly satisfied. They subsequently placed an order for our recommended broiler flat raising equipment, demonstrating their confidence in our expertise and professionalism.

As a renowned expert in poultry farming equipment, we have successfully provided professional scheme designs and top-notch farming equipment to over 500 chicken farms worldwide. Our extensive expertise covers various poultry farming aspects, including layer chicken farming equipment, broiler chicken farming equipment, and brood farming equipment. If you aspire to start your own farming venture, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in achieving your farming goals.


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