20,000 Chicken Battery Cages Project in Zambia

2024-01-03 16:29:20

This 20,000 chickens farm which is using battery cage system located in the vast countryside of Zambia.

20,000 chicken battery cages project in zambia

The farm owner named Joseph. Joseph has been committed to improvingthe farming efficiency of his family farm. Faced with the problems of frequent chicken diseases and unstable egg production rates under the traditional free-range breeding model, he decided to purchase our modern battery cage for layers.

This advanced chicken battery cages can provide comfortable living space for 20,000 layers. Each cage is designed in accordance with international animal welfare standards, ensuring that each chicken has sufficient range of activities and good living conditions.

chicken battery cages

What’s more worth mentioning is that these battery cage for layers are equipped with intelligent management systems, and all aspects of feeding, drinking, and egg picking are automated, which greatly reduces the labor burden and also significantly improves the egg production efficiency. In this way, Joseph’s 20,000 chicken battery cage project not only met the large demand in the local market, but also began to expand to surrounding areas, even attracting orders from city supermarkets.

hicken battery cages for layers

Environmental protection has not been ignored by Joseph. Our battery cage system for layers is equipped with an automated manure cleaning system, which can assist Joseph in effectively processing chicken manure. In addition, we also equipped him with a manure dryer machine, which can convert wet manure into organic fertilizer for farmland fertilization , forming a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly circular economic system.

Today, Joseph’s 20,000 chicken battery cages project has become a local legend, and many villagers have come to learn from it. This project not only improved his family’s economic situation, Joseph also achieved a significant increase in production efficiency through the introduction and application of battery cage chicken farming. If you also want to improve breeding efficiency and achieve stable and efficient laying hen breeding, you may wish to consult us to order this excellent battery cage system for layers and share the agricultural dividends brought by modern technology.


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