20,000 Layers Chicken Cages Farm in Zambia

2023-11-17 17:14:51

This is a 20,000 layers chicken cages farm in Zambia. Next I will explain to you the details of this chicken farm.

Why is there such a 20,000 layers chicken cages farm in Zambia?

This is a chicken farm established by our customer Mr. Hamuzala in early 2023. In mid-to-late 2022, Mr. Hamuzala began to study the current situation of Zambian egg market sales and the current Zambian government’s policy support for layer breeding, and decided to develop a 20,000 layers chicken cages farm in Zambia. Then he started searching for professional poultry farming equipment experts on the Internet. Finally, after many comparisons, he chose us to provide layer cages and other poultry equipment to build his 20,000- layers chicken in Zambia.

What is the solution of 20,000 layers chicken cages farm in Zambia?
20,000 chickens is quite a lot. On small plots of land, layer cages are the most suitable solution. Layer cages have a high degree of automation and save land resources. The net output of caged laying hens can be increased by 40% compared to that of floor raising laying hens.
After Mr. Hamuzala contacted us, we recommended the A-type layer chicken cages to him. The 20,000-layers chicken farm design plan is as follows:
Mr. Hamuzala needs to build a chicken house in size of 90*12*3.5m according to the drawing plan provided by us. Place 3 rows of 4-tier A-type laying hen cages in the chicken house. Each row requires 42 sets of A-type laying hen cages. A total of 126 sets of layer cages accommodate a total of 20,160 laying hens.

  • 20,000 layers chicken cages farm in Zambia
  • 20,000 layers chicken cages farm in Zambia

What is the equipment list of 20,000 layers chicken cages farm in Zambia?
1. 126 sets of A-type 4-tier 160-capacity laying hen cages
2. Automated drinking water system
3. Automated feeding system
4. Automated manure cleaning system

Using the 4-tier 160-capacity A-type laying hen cages with automation system can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, provide a good production environment for Mr. Hamuzala’s chicken farm, and increase egg production. Now he already erned more profits from this 20,000-layers chicken farm in Zambia.

If you also want to start an automated layer chicken farm, you can contact me at any time on WhatsApp: +86 155 3717 9350 or via email: We provide you with professional chicken farm solutions and high-quality poultry farming equipment.


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