Deep Litter System for 15,000 Broilers Intensive Chicken Farming in Tajikistan

2024-06-25 14:07:36

Project Details:

This project aims to establish an intensive chicken farming operation utilizing a deep litter system for 15,000 broilers. The farm will employ modern equipment and practices to maximize productivity and reduce operating costs.

Deep Litter System for 15,000 Broilers

Equipment Lists of This Project:

Automated feeding and watering systems
Ventilation and cooling systems
Lighting systems

Advantages of Deep Litter System:

Reduced ammonia levels: Deep litter absorbs and neutralizes ammonia emissions, providing a healthier environment for birds.
Improved bird welfare: Allows birds to move freely and exhibit natural behaviors, reducing stress levels.
Cost-effective bedding: Uses sawdust or wood chips as bedding, which is less expensive than other litter materials.
Enhanced manure management: Deep litter acts as a compost pile, producing valuable organic fertilizer.
Reduced labor costs: Automated equipment and litter management practices minimize daily labor requirements.

Customer Feedback:

“The cost savings on bedding and reduced labor costs have also been a major benefit,” said Mr. John Smith, a satisfied customer. “We’re very pleased with the results and highly recommend this deep litter system to other poultry farmers.”


The deep litter system for 15,000 broilers intensive chicken farming project is a highly efficient and cost-effective approach that promotes bird welfare, reduces operating expenses, and provides valuable fertilizer. Farmers considering transitioning to intensive chicken farming should strongly consider this system for its numerous advantages and proven success.


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