Deep Litter System

Type: Deep Litter Type

Applicable Industries: Poultry Farms

Use: Broilers (one day old to 42 days old )

Equipped with Main automatic feeding auger line, vice automatic feeding line, automatic drinking line, ventilation system, heating system.

Specification: customized according to the customer’s breeding volume or the customer’s chicken house size (Length*Width).

Certification: ISO 9001,SONCAP,CE.

Product Introduction

Deep litter system consists of: I. Main automatic feeding auger line; II. Vice automatic feeding line; III. Automatic nipple drinking line; IV. Ventilation system; V. Heating system.

● Equipment technical requirements are simple, easy to operate, less investment

● Distribution system, electric and mechanical level control provide the convenience and scientific nature for breeding.

● Feeding pan is easy and convenient cleaning, and also it can be disassmbled to used as feeding pan for baby chicks.

● W shaped pan base with 5.5 height which is suitable for one day old chicks feeding.

● Main pan feeding auger is suitable for straight feeding transporation.

automtic broiler pan feeding and nipple drinking system for poultry farms



Automatic Broiler Ground Feeding Farm

automtic broiler pan feeding and nipple drinking system for poultry farms


Automatic broiler deep litter system usually used for chicken farms scale bellow 30000 birds which will reach optimum feeding effect. For 25,000 broilers, with inner size of 112M*15M*2.5M, 4 automaitc pan feeding line and 5 automatic nipple drinking line are equipped. We can provide free chicken house design according to our customers' requirements.


For broiler deep litter raising equipment, the specific specifications are determined according to the customer's chicken house size/customer's breeding volume. We will recommend the best solution for free according to your requirements. If necessary, please contact us!


Main Feeding Auger System: New developed model auger made in SA. It has adopted new materials to offer invisiable auger in reality operation.

Automatic Feeding Pan System: Hot galvainzed pipe with dia 45mm. Adopting high position of feed drop, that ensure the feed to be dropped to feeding pan base. Then it make sure the chicken can easily pick up food even if it's standing outside the pan.

Automatic Drinking System: Stainless steel material with long lifespan. High water flow capacity solve the lack of water supply for water drinker which is longer than 80M.


  • broiler raising equipment-automatic feeding pan system

    Main Feeding Auger System

  • deep litter system- broiler feeding equipment automatic feeding system

    Automatic Feeding Pan System

  • poultry feeding system- broiler chicken farming equipment automatic drinking system

    Automatic Nipple Drinking System


Ventilation System: The auto ventilation system can keep the shed in a certain range of temperature, in the meantime, the auto control system can reduce the electric consumption for the ventilation system.

Heating System: Small footprint, flexible installation, high degree of automation, no need for manual control after setting the temperature.

Poultry Broiler Housing System: Broiler poultry housing system is very important for commercial meat production, it keeps your meat birds healthy and productive.

  • broiler poultry farming equipment

    Ventilation System

  • poultry heating system- broiler feeding equipment automatic feeding system

    Heating System

  • poultry broiler chicken housign systems

    Poultry Broiler Housing System

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