Fully Automated Layer Poultry Cage System for 30,000 Birds Farm in Algeria

2024-06-12 16:10:14

A large agricultural enterprise in Algeria wanted to invest in a highly modernized layer farm, so it cooperated with our LIVI Machinery to build a fully automated layer poultry cage system that can efficiently raise 30,000 laying hens.

Project details:

The chicken farm uses a 4-tier A-type layer cage system to achieve efficient breeding purposes. Each group of the A-type layer cage system can accommodate 160 laying hens. The chicken house is designed as a closed chicken house with a size of 102*15*3.5m. It has 4 rows of 188 groups of A-type laying hen cages, which can accommodate 30,080 laying hens.


Equipment lists and advantages:

The fully automated layer poultry cage system is designed to provide ample space and ventilation, and are equipped with a-type laying hen cages, automatic feeders, waterers, manure cleaning, egg collection, lighting systems and ventilation systems.

1.Automatic feeding system

The automatic feeding system uses an advanced feeder to deliver precisely measured feed to each cage. The feeder can automatically adjust the feeding time and quantity according to the age and production stage of the laying hens.

2.Automatic Drinking System

The automatic drinking system uses a closed loop to provide fresh, clean water to the laying hens. The taps are designed to prevent leaks and are equipped with a disinfection system to ensure water quality.

3.Automatic Manure Removal System

The automatic manure removal system uses a conveyor belt to collect manure from the cages and transport it to an external storage facility. This system helps keep the chicken farm clean and hygienic.

4.Automatic Egg Collection System

The automatic egg collection system is an important part of a modern laying hen farm. It helps improve egg production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensures lower egg breakage rates.

5.Lighting System

The lighting system is optimized to provide the laying hens with an ideal light cycle to maximize egg production.

6.Ventilation System

The ventilation system helps regulate the temperature, humidity, and air quality in the chicken house to optimize the health, productivity, and welfare of the laying hens.


The fully automated layer poultry cage system has been successfully operated in Algeria. The system has significantly increased egg production, reduced labor costs, and improved the health and welfare of the laying hens. Here are some of the results of the system:

* Over 95% egg production
* Average egg production of 70 grams per day per hen
* Mortality rate below 5%
* Excellent health and welfare of the laying hens


This fully automated layer poultry cage system for 30,000-hen is a model for modern egg production. The system increases productivity, reduces costs, and improves the welfare of laying hens by providing an optimized and hygienic environment. It represents a major step forward in Algeria’s efforts to increase its egg production capacity.


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