H-Frame Broiler Battery Cage System

Type: H-Type

Tiers: 3-4 Tiers

Applicable Industries: Poultry Farms

Use: Broiler Chicken

Specification: 1050mm*800mm*420mm.

Raw material: International Q235 bridge-steel.

Anti-corrosion treatment process: Aluminum-zinc alloy, Hot-dip galvanized.

Life Time: 15-20 Years

Certification: ISO 9001,SONCAP,CE.

Product Introduction

● Broiler equipment could feed the broiler from one day to about 42 days.

● A Number of chickens each unit area far exceeds the deep litter system, save large space.

● Completely isolation between manure and chicken decrease the chance of disease through infected feces, and lower mortality rate.

● The two layers are separated which is good for ventilation ans improves the breeding quantity.

● Main components of the broiler cage system consist of hot-dip galvanized sheet and wire material, which is elected for the metal body to avoid corrosion or rust on the cages of chicken farm.

broiler battery chicken cage system for poultry farms



Automatic H Frame Broiler Cage Farm Specification

battery broiler chicken cage breeding farm equipment design


H-type automatic broiler cage system usually used for 10,000-50,000 chicken farms. For 50,048 broilers, With inner size of 104M*15M*4.2M, if 4-tier cages are installed, 92 sets of cages per row, 4 rows in one house, 368 sets cage in total. We can provide free chicken house design according to our customers' requirements.


The normal size of H-Frame broiler chicken cage is 1050mm*800mm*420mm. We will recommend the best solution for free according to your chicken house. If necessary, please contact us!

Battery Broiler Chicken Cage Specifications



Birds Qty/Door

Birds Qty/Set





3-tier 1-door




4-tier 1-door





Full Broiler cage system is mainly used for the broiler from one day to about 42 days.

Automatic lifting drinking system: Easy to operation and can adjust waterline height according to age of chicken, which improve the chicken's posture while drinking. It keep older chickens from touching the nipple, decrease dripping, and keep the manure dry.

Automatic feeding system: it make sure all broilers have sufficient feed.


  • broiler chicken cage system

    Broiler Cage System

  • Automatic lifting drinking system

    Automatic Lifting Drinking System

  • broiler chicken cage system-Automatic feeding system

    Automatic Feeding System


Automatic manure removal system: high purity manure removal belt which made of Polypropylene material are under each tier, it can clean the manure completely and no manure left. The better environment inside the chicken shed, less mortality;

The automatic ventilation system can keep the shed in a certain range of temperature, in the meantime, the auto control system can reduce the electric consumption for the ventilation system.

One complete setup of automatic modern chicken farming equipment saves manpower and material resources and realize intensive poultry farming.

  • Broiler chicken cage system-automatic manure removal system

    Automatic Manure Removal System

  • broiler chicken cage system-automatic venlitation system

    Automatic Venlitation System

  • chicken cage system-automatic chicken farm

    Modern Automatic Chicken Farm

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