Battery Layer Chicken Cage For Sale

Sizes Available 1200mm*625mm*480mm
Tier 3 – 8 tiers
Rearing Quantity / House 10,000-50,000 birds
Applicable Farm Large Scale Layer Farm
Material International Q235 steel.
Life Time 15 – 20 Years
Certificate ISO9001, CE, SONCAP, PVOC

Product Introduction

● The battery layer chicken cage system has a high degree of automation and high density. It can effectively improve the utilization rate of chicken house and land, reduce the cost of feeding, and effectively improve labor productivity.

● House using the battery cage systems can be left unattended. And keep the flocks completely separate to prevent the spread of disease.

● High-density raising,saves land and investment. Suitable for closed chicken house. Automatic control of ventilation and temperature can meet the requirement of the birds.





H Type Fully Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment




Automatic Layer Cage Specification

Cage Type Specification Quantity/Set Tier/Door Bird/Door
H-Type Battery Layer Cage 1200mm*625mm*480mm 144 birds/Set 4-tier 2-door 9 birds/Door
1200mm*625mm*480mm 180 birds/Set 5-tier 2-door 9 birds/Door
A-Type Battery Layer Cage 1950mm*350mm*380mm 120 birds/Set 4-tier 4-door 3 birds/Door
1950mm*450mm*410mm 160 birds/Set 4-tier 4-door 4 birds/Door




High quality accessories & chicken cage design will get better effect and lower maintenance cost.

automatic chicken layer cage frame

Layer Chicken Cage Frame

1. Raw material: U-Shape Steel, which makes the cage frame stand more stable and durable.
2. Specification:35*35mm, thickness:2.0mm
3. International 3mm thick plate rack, U shape design. It can withstand 350-kilogram pressure. Plus double galvanized technique with a 15-20 years lifespan.

layer cage mesh testing

Layer Chicken Cage Mesh

1.Raw material: International Q235 steel, good elasticity,no deformation. 
2.We do the welding first, then do the hot dipped galvanized treatment. Smooth and clean surface, with advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-acid and alkaline as well as anti-agingperformance. Durable to bear heavy broilers.

layer cage feeding trough

Layer Cage Feed Trough

1. Raw material: HMW-HDPE/Steel
2.White color (White one is the best quality. Green or Black one is Not good)
3.Big slope design to prevent feed waste: compared with the slope or middle design of other suppliers(8,9,10), Our 8,9,13cm design could avoid splashing once chicken eat.

layer chicken cage drinking lines

Layer Chicken Cage Drinking Line

1. Raw material: 304 stainless steel, 5mm.
2. It has high abrasion resistance, never get corrosive, never leak water.
3. It's not easy to get blocked and produce scale incrustation.
4. Quite simple to drink water once chicken touch it.

layer chicken cage slpoe

Safer Feeding Environment

1. Scientific 7° slope design of the bottom cage mesh can fully protect eggs from broken while rolling to the egg tray once laid.
2. Diameter of the bottom cage wire is 2.3mm, this is the best design for chicken and eggs .

layer cage space for chicken

Enough Layer Cage Space For Chickens

1. Sufficient movement area for chickens: around 437cm² -450cm² (Other suppliers do 380cm²~417cm²)
2. Making the broiler chickens have a comfortable living environment.
3. It will help increase meat broiler production, and reduce the chicken mortality.





Full Automatic Supporting System——automatic feeding,drinking, manure cleaning, egg collecting and control environment.

automatic chicken layer cage egg-collection system

Automatic Egg Collection System
Ensuring less human contamination
and damage

automatic chicken broiler cage feeding system

Automatic Feeding System
Fully automated feed transportation
process everyday

automatic chicken layer cage drinking system

Automatic Drinking System
Adjustable waterline for layers
Clean and stable water to Layer Farm

automatic chicken layers cage manure cleaning system

Automatic Manure Cleaning System
Daily thoroughly clean the feces
Better chicken shed environment

battery layers cage system environmental control

Enviroment Control System
keep indoor humidity
Aviod air pollution

automatic broiler cage venlitation ststem

Automatic Layer Chicken Farm
Saving manpower & resources
Realize intensive poultry farming




We provide not only poultry equipment, but also professional solutions.

Project Site: Pakistan
Type: H Type Layer Chicken Cage
Cage Model: 120-65-43H
Raising Quantity Per House: 50,000 Chickens
"Reliable Company"
LIVI Machinery is a reliable Chinese company. They helped me a lot and I appreciate it.
★★★★★5.0Very Satisfied

Project Site: Zambia
Type: A Type Layer Chicken Cage
Cage Model: 195-45-41A
Raising Quantity Per House: 20,160 Chickens
"Reliable Company"
I'm new in chicken farming business, LIVI provide me good quality cages & free chicken house design & detailed farm solutions to help me start with 20,000 birds.
★★★★★5.0Very Satisfied

Project Site: Zimbabwe
Type: Broiler Ground Feeding System
Raising Quantity Per House: 30,000 Chickens
"Reliable Company"
LIVI recommended the deepp litter system for broilers for me based on my chicken house n my specific needs. After a period of use, I am very satisfied.
★★★★★5.0Very Satisfied

Project Site: Ghana
Type: H Type Broiler Chicken Cage
Cage Model: 105-80-42H
Raising Quantity Per House: 33,456 Chickens
"Reliable Company"
I asked a lot of suppliers, and after comparing them, LIVI made me choose them because of their excellent company strength. After I received the goods, LIVI assisted me in handling a series of things at the first time, until successfully installed and put into use.
★★★★★5.0Very Satisfied


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