Layer Chicken Cage System for 5,000 Poultry Farm in Tanzania

2023-07-25 15:26:17

The layer chicken farm with 5,000 birds project is located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It has been in stable operation for more than two years. The equipment used is the layer chicken cage system of LIVI Machinery. The system includes automatic drinking and feeding system, and a scraper manure removal system. Efficient use of space, and saving labor costs, increase the benefits of customers.

layer chicken cage system for 5000 birds poultry farm in tanzaniaEquipment used: A-type 4-tier layer chicken cage
Chicken Cage Dimension: 1950mm*450mm*410mm
Chicken Farm size: 5,120 chickens

Client Status:
Mr. Victor found our company’s contact information on the Internet, and expressed his needs to us: it is the first time to raise chickens, and it is not clear how much the breeding quantity is suitable, but there are 2 plots of land.
Based on the customer’s land area and the customer’s first contact with this industry, we recommend to the customer to raise 5,000 chickens by using A-type 4-tier layer chicken cages. Each set of layer cages can accommodate 160 chickens, and a total of 32 sets of cages are required to accommodate 5,120 chickens. In addition, according to the size of the customer’s land, we have designed a chicken house construction plan for the customer free of charge as follows:
Chicken House Size: 35m(L)*8m(W)*3.8m(H)
Chicken House Area: 280SQM
Chicken House Layout: 16 sets/row. 2 rows. 32 sets in total

Customer Reviews:
LIVI Machinery ‘s layer cage system is very reliable, automatic drinking water simplifies the feeding process, reduces the labor intensity of the breeder, and saves labor costs. The use of scraper manure removal system has greatly improved the sanitary conditions on the farm, reducing the risk of odor and the spread of germs.
The customer also said that the chicken house designed by LIVI Machinery for me is very reasonable, so that the chickens have good ventilation. I will continue to work with and recommend to others.



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