Layers Chicken Cages with Capacity of 15,000 Birds Farm in Zambia

2024-02-21 13:49:10

This project is located in central Zambia and is a farm with a modern layers chicken cages of 25,000 laying hens. The farm uses a 4-tier chicken cages with advanced automation equipment and ventilation systems.


The 25,000 layer farm plan is as follows:

1. The entire farm uses a total of 160 sets of 4-tier chicken cages:

The 4-tier chicken cages is A-type layer cages with a capcity of 160 chickens per set, which can accommodates 4 chickens per door, providing enough space for chickens to move and ensuring that the chickens can obtain a comfortable growth environment.

2. The entire farm is designed and equipped with the most advanced automation equipment:

Automatic feeding machine: ensure birds have continuous access to feed
Automatic drinking system: provide clean, fresh water
Automatic egg collection system: collecting and sorting eggs
Automated manure removal system: keeping your farm clean and hygienic
Ventilation system: Proper ventilation is vital to the health and egg production of laying hens.

3. The farm uses steel structures to build houses for layers chicken cages with capacity of 25,000 birds farm in Zambia , and the entire chicken house size is strictly according to the automation of the A-type layer cages. So the size of the chicken house is: 88*15*3.5m.

 Layers Chicken Cages with Capacity of 15,000 Birds Farm in Zambia 

Current farm operations:
According to customer feedback, through the use of our layers chicken cages, the farm’s daily egg production is currently around 22,500 eggs, with an egg production rate as high as 90%, providing a large number of high-quality eggs for the Zambian market.

For farms with a breeding capacity of less than 30,000 laying hens, A-type layer cages are an efficient way to raise laying hens, which can greatly increase egg production rates and save space. They are the best choice for all farmers. If you need anything, you can contact us at any time.


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