Poultry Chicken Cage System for 15,000 Layers Farming in Lusaka, Zambia

2024-02-05 11:31:10

In recent years, Zambia’s poultry industry has developed rapidly, and layers farming, as an important part of it, plays an increasingly important role in the national economy. In order to meet the growing demand for eggs, more and more chicken farms are beginning to use poultry chicken cages system for layers farming in Lusaka, Zambia.

Advantages of Poultry Chicken Cage System for Layers Farming in Lusaka, Zambia:

Compared with floor raising, poultry farm cages for layers in Zambia has the following advantages:
Improve egg production rate: Cages can effectively control the free movement of chickens, reduce fighting and mutual interference between chickens, thereby increasing the egg production rate.
Save feed: Cages can prevent chickens from wasting feed and improve feed utilization.
Save space: Cages can save land resources and improve land utilization.
Easy management: Cages facilitate the observation and management of chickens, and chicken disease problems can be discovered and dealt with in a timely manner.


15,000 Layers Farm Poultry Cage System Solution in Zambia:

Our 15,000 layers farming poultry cage system solution adopts advanced cage technology, which can help you increase egg production rate, save feed, save space and facilitate management. The system solution includes the following components:

Poultry Chicken Cage System for Layers: Made of high-quality steel, sturdy and durable with long service life.
Feed System: Made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
Driking System: Made of high quality plastic, durable and easy to clean.
Manure cleaning system: The automatic manure cleaning system can remove chicken manure in time and keep the chicken house clean and hygienic.
Ventilation system: The use of advanced ventilation system can provide a comfortable growth environment for chickens.


Return on investment analysis of Poultry Chicken Cage System for 15,000 Layers Farming in Lusaka, Zambia:

Invest in our 15,000 layers farm poultry cage system solution and you will receive the following return on investment:
Increase egg production rate: increasing egg production rate by 10% can increase egg production by 1,500 eggs/day.
Save feed: A 5% increase in feed utilization can save feed costs by US$3,000 per year.
Space saving: A 50% increase in land utilization can save land costs of US$2,000 per year.
Ease of management: If management costs are reduced by 20%, management costs can be saved by US$2,000 per year.

Considering the above factors, you will get a considerable return on investment by investing in our 15,000 layers poultry cage system in Zambia.

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