South Africa Pretoria City farm Federation Visit Our Company

2018-02-13 17:41:04

2/13/2018, South Africa Pretoria City farm Federation came to our company for their poultry farm equipment upgrades.

First of all, they visited our factory and our showroom. They are satisfied with our fully automatic layer chicken equipment.

poultry farm equipment suppliers

The high degree of automatic equipment saves a lot of manpower and land resources. And we use the latest electrostatic spraying process, effectively solves the problem of short service life of the layer chicken cages. In order to let the customers have a more intuitive experience, our staff showed them our own chicken farm. Our chicken farm used our own factory products, which also made more customers believe in the high quality of our products.

After a few days visiting and discussion, they established that they will set up 10 layer chicken house and one house can hold ten thousand laying hens in the coming year, a total of 100 thousand laying farm construction projects. They will purchase all products from our company. Wish us a happy cooperation.


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